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International University (IU) Tuyển dụng và đề tài cao học
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Đơn vị

From School / Dept.

Regional Center of Expertise on Education for Sustainable Development Southern Vietnam

Vị trí:                           Fulltime staff

Job title

Thời gian bắt đầu làm việc

Start time:                   15 April 2019


Yêu cầu



Trình độ học vấn, chuyên ngành: Thạc sĩ Kỹ thuật Môi trường hoặc các ngành có liên quan

Qualification : Master Degree in Environmental Engineering or related fields


Kĩ năng:


-        Trình độ tiếng Anh: Reading, writing and communication comprehensively


-        Vi tính: Proficiency with the use of the Microsoft Office suite of applications and analytical software, and Design and manage website,


-        Kĩ năng khác:


·        Demonstrated high level written and verbal communication skills.

·        Well-developed planning and organizational skills with proven ability to prioritize multiple tasks, set and meet deadlines and give attention to detail.

·        Problem solving skills that assures detailed follow-up when required

·        Experience in preparing research reports and graphic presentations of data

·        Demonstrated ability to conduct analytical research; to analyze, interpret, evaluate, coordinate as well as report resulting information.


Kinh nghiệm:


·        Having at least 2 years’ experience in implementation of fundamental or application research projects

·        Demonstrate good experience in writing research reports and proposal


Giới tính: Male




Công việc phụ trách



Under nominal direction, performs a variety of basic and general research and clerical tasks determined by the field and scope of the program/project. May perform tasks related to the research project independently, within broad guidelines and subject to periodic review by supervisor or other research staff.

Responsibilities that include:

·        Execution of RCE’s current environmental projects

·        Implementation of RCE’s operating programs in education for sustainable development

·        Networking with global and regional networks for learning experiences and associating them with RCE Southern Vietnam’s activities.

·        Writing research proposal, raising funds for RCE Southern Vietnam’s activities and research projects

·        Field surveying for RCE Southern Vietnam’s research projects

·        Academic literature reviews and database searches

·        Assist with external and internal grant applications. preparing research proposals and funding applications/bids

·        Carrying out fieldwork.

·        Planning and conducting experiments, analyze qualitative and quantitative data, Prepare presentations, reports and publications

·        Plan day-to-day research activity and/or coordinate activities with Project Leader and researchers

·        Draft reports related to research activity outcomes. writing research papers, reports, reviews and summaries

·        Coordinate project team activities, including secretariat support for project meetings

·        May process orders or invoices, or undertake other clerical and simple accounting duties under the direction of administrative personnel

·        Other tasks arising at RCE Southern Vietnam and International University


Ngoài ra, hiện tại IU đang tuyển học viên cao học thực hiện đề tài: Nghiên cứu hệ thống MFC xử lý nước thải thủy sản. 

*Mọi chi tiết xin LIÊN HỆ cô PHẠM THỊ HOA qua email:

** Thông tin về Trung tâm Khu vực Miền Nam về Giáo dục và Phát triển Bền vững (SCE) 
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