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TECHNICAL MANAGER RECRUITMENT: "On a mission with 1001fontaines Vietnam"
 1001fontaines is making some good progress on their launch in Vietnam and they are currently recruiting a water technician manager in their team for Jan. 19 as following description:


Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Type of position


Education requirement

University degree in business, marketing or advertising

Experience requirement

3 – 5 years of experience as technical manager


January 2019


Up to +50% of local travel in the Mekong Delta


Competitive according to experience


A long-term contract will be offered depending on performance with 3-month probation period

About 1001fontaines Vietnam

1001fontaines, is an NGO that is pioneering an innovative response to the problem of safe drinking water. It provides small decentralized infrastructures of water treatment - or water kiosks - to areas still lacking access to safe water. Each kiosk is run by an entrepreneur who is recruited and trained to manage its small local social enterprise. Water entrepreneurs are making their kiosk sustainable through the sales of 20-liter jugs at an affordable price. In 14 years, 1001fontaines set-up 200 water kiosks in Cambodia and Madagascar reaching 500,000 beneficiaries.

Starting in July 2018, 1001fontaines is launching a pilot project in Vietnam in order to test the local market through the upgrade of 5 existing small-scale water kiosks in the Mekong Delta area, Vinh Long Province. The objective is to learn from this experimentation and to design the best model for acceleration in 2020. The end-game is to reach 500,000 beneficiaries over the next 5 years.

More about 1001fontaines, click the link:


The technical manager is responsible for all the technical activities of the water kiosks franchisees and the checking of engineering duties. His main role will be to settle the guidebook of technical policies, standards and procedures for all kiosks to be part of 1001fontaines’ franchise model.

The technician manager must conduct the following tasks by accompanying with senior technician directors provided by 1001fontaines:

Mission 1. Technical Management & water quality

·        Develop and implement the quality standards & policy for 1001fontaines’ franchise model 
·        Develop and implement the technology standards & policy for 1001fontaines’ franchise 

·        Set the production standards & policy for 1001fontaines’ franchise model
·    Provide technical direction during execution of the project (from site selection to opening) 

·    Manage technical resources within budgeted cost lines and project schedules 

·    Allocate engineering resources to kiosks appropriately 

·    Coordinate with suppliers the purchase of treatment systems and spare-part for new kiosks 

·    Organize water sampling plan and partnership with laboratories and suppliers. 

Mission 2. Management

·        Manage a team of 1 technician and out-sourced staff (building, technical, water quality)

·        Organize regular practical training and evaluation to technical and quality team

·        Actively participate to an Executive Committee governing the management of the organization


Required knowledge

·        Senior professional with at least 3-5 years’ experience in engineering - ideally within hydraulics and/or water treatment - with a Master Degree in Engineering 
·        Knowledge of hydraulic design with facilities on construction and electronic/electric activities 

·        Must have extensive knowledge of engineering drawings, specifications and materials 

·        Good knowledge in electronics, energetics and design construction 

·        Always aware of the latest technology, innovations and best practices in his industry 

·        Good in English both writing and speaking. Good level of Vietnamese. 

·        Software: Technical design software, Office Suite mastered (Excel, PowerPoint, Word) 


Required skills and attitudes

·        Project Management, project coordination 
·        Good facilitation and liaison skills 

·        Ability to provide clear guidelines to technicians’ team and implement new process 

·        Ability to impart his know-how to technicians’ team to upgrade their skills 

·        Attention to detail and high accuracy 

·        Proactive / flexible 

·        Punctual and strict on deadlines 

·        Open minded on innovation and source of proposal to optimize technical and water production aspects on kiosks 


Contact point

Managing director Vietnam –

For more detail, you can download the job description hereby: download

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