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IBA-IFIBiop Central Council Jan 2021- Dec 2022

Based on the nominations made by >25 sets of panels, followings have been declared as the members of the Central Council of IBA-IFIBiop for January 2021 to December 2022.

Central Council January 2021- December 2022

We have launched a new website of IBA; please see


Chairman: Prof Huu Hao Ngo, Australia
Vice-chairman: Prof Carlos Ricardo Soccol, Brazil
General Secretary: Prof Samir K Khanal, USA
Prof Cristobal N Aguilar, Mexico
Prof Thanh Xuan Bui, Vietnam
Prof Cheng Di Dong, Taiwan
Prof Guocheng Du, China
Prof Sang Hyoun Kim, South Korea
Dr Su Shiung Lam, Malaysia
Prof Christian Larroche, France
Prof Ashok Pandey, India
Dr Eldon Rene, Netherlands
Prof Mohammad Tahezadeh, Sweden
Prof Daniel CW Tsang, Hong Kong
We would like to greatly appreciate and thank the outgoing CC, especially its Chairman, Prof DJ Lee for steering the IBA from front and bringing many new ideas and activities, including major financial strengthening, subject conferences, etc.

We welcome the chairman (elect) Prof Ngo, vice-chairman (elect) Prof Soccol and General Secretary (elect) Prof Khanal and the members (elect) and look forward.

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