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Call for Papers for a Special Issue (SI)
SI title: Water Technologies and Management for Sustainability

The Faculty of Mining and Geology of VSB-TUO has accredited a new study programme called “Water: A Strategic Resource”. At this occasion we would like to announce a call for a special issue on Water Technologies and Management for Sustainability. 

Water is a crucial resource for life. It is of great importance to protect it since there are a lot of threats that affect the quality and quantity of water. Therefore, sustainable water technology and management play a pivotal role in preserving water resources. In this SI, various water treatment technologies and managerial solutions will be explored. Since the journal is published by the Faculty of Mining and Geology of VSB-TUO, the focus is also placed on sustainable mining operations, sustainable life cycle of mining materials and mine water discharge.

In this context, overall sustainable water issues are presented in this SI. This SI is mainly intended to knit together the efforts made by research community in this domain and provide the state-of-art research and technological developments, which enables to define the research need.

The SI will have a review article (by invitation only from an expert with proven expertise on the topic), research communications (short and full length) and case studies. Authors must ensure that their works if submitting to this SI fall in the scope of GeoScience Engineering journal (for this, they should refer to guide for authors and see subject classification given there).


  1. Sustainable water management
  2. Advanced water and wastewater treatment technologies
  3. Mine water management
  4. Groundwater pollution and control
  5. Membrane technologies for water and wastewater treatment
  6. Groundwater recharge and management

SI opened: August 1st – December 312020

SI published: 2021 

Guest Editors for SI

Prof. Xuan Thanh Bui    

University of Technology, Vietnam National University – Ho Chi Minh    

Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources          



Dr. Alena Kašpárková          

VSB-Technical University of Ostrava

Faculty of Mining and Geology   


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