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Asian Center for Water Research (CARE)
  Kết quả hình ảnh cho CARERESCIF
Mission of CARE is to develop interdisciplinary researches on water, environment and climate change and to build up cooperation among universities in Vietnam, Southeast Asian region and the members of RESCIFCARE is a hub that promotes efficiently linkage between national and international experts to carry out research and training activities in the field of water conservation and water resources. 

CARE have been developed to be one of the best research centers to address key issues in emerging and developing countries.

24th Oct. 2010 - The Network of Excellence in Engineering Sciences of the French-Speaking Community (RESCIF) was created. It implements innovative, targeted and sustainable partnerships between 15 technological universities to address key issues in emerging and developing countries. Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HCMUT) is the only member of RESCIF for South-East Asia.

19th Nov. 2013 the Asian Center for Water Research (Centre Asiatique de Recherche sur l’Eau, CARE) was created.CARE is currently the main research centers of RESCIF.

Jan. 2019 – CARE was recognized as the International Joint Laboratory of IRD-France*, and is also a member of the JEAI plastic team of IRD-France

Main achievements and ongoing research:
- Spatial variation and risk assessment of trace metals in the Mekong Delta
- Presence, distribution and fate of emerging organic contaminants in the Saigon River and the littoral
- Nutrients excess and eutrophication of the Saigon River and its estuary
- Coastal erosion and salinization in the Low Mekong Delta Coastal Zone
- Assessment of macro and microplastic contamination in the Saigon river
- Organic matter and pathogen removals for drinking purpose
- Desalination by Direct Contact Membrane Distillation (DCMD)
- Occurrence of antibiotics in rural catchments
- Groundwater study with isotopic techniques for improving drinking water
- Impact of climate change and subsidence on the flooding risk of HCMC and Mekong Delta

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