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(Updated 30th, Sep) Khoá học kĩ năng viết bài báo khoa học tại Bách Khoa
Khoá học kĩ năng viết bài báo khoa học tại Bách Khoa 
[Scientific Writting on 25th of September in Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology]


We would like to announce the details of the forthcoming scientific writing and skill development workshop for PhD researchers and young staff members that will be conducted at Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology on 25th of September, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

During this interactive scientific writing session, Dr. Eldon R. Rene (IHE-Delft, The Netherlands) will co-work with the participants on journal paper writing skills. 


More details see below attachment:

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[UPDATED 30TH, SEPTEMBER, 2018] The Writing Workshop of Prof. Eldon and Prof. Mohan was very successful, thanks to the attendance of students, researchers from many UniversitiesInstitute  in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. 
We hope that after hearing the instructions for scientific writing skill from two Prof, everyone can do better on your study and writing, will soon succeed to publish your paper.

*Some pics


A/Prof. Bui Xuan Thanh and A/Prof. Vo Le Phu gave some souvenir to Prof. Eldon and Prof. Mohan





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