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The Hazmat Fro Training course in Taiwan

The HAZMAT FRO Training course in Taiwan of Students from Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources, HCMUT

The post about Students' experience, What did they learn, and How do they feel after the trip will be outline below:

After 5 days in the course of training about HAZMAT FRO Training in Taiwan, we had more knowledge about hazardous waste. We had been exciting when learning about Hazardous materials recognition and safety; Safety, isolation, and notifications; Introduction to incident command; Identification, Hazard assessment, and action planning; Protective equipment and first responder limitations; Protective actions, hazmat release countermeasures; Decontamination, disposal, and documentation. We had known practical problems and how they soluted. More exciting when we attended in the scenario simulation and table-top exercise, we debated to understand more together. And then, we could apply knowledge to improve the hazardous management and treatment in Vietnam.

Besides of learning in the class, we visited EPA Environmental Incidents Specialist Team of Central Taiwan. We understood the difficult jobs that how they worked hard to help the resident in Taiwan. In National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, we were visited some beautiful scenes and large library with many convenient things, new books and journal were bought to supply for students. Here, we saw many creative products that were created from the unique ideas of the students. After that, we visited Formosa Plastics Corp’s (FPC) sixth naphtha cracker complex and fire brigade, some of us were experienced in protective clothes. Finally, at TEPA Toxic and Chemical Substance Bureau (TCSB), we were attended EPA 30th anniversary Environmental Exhibition and Seminar 2017 CIEnvE Annual Meeting. They introducted about their products and achievements that they accomplished, make any one admire them.

During this course, their enthusiasm made us comfortable and excited because of good organization and the friendliness of these organizers in there. The weather was beautiful with warm sunshines, slightly raining, and the hugely interesting, useful and fun lessons are all that remains during the trip. 

Thanks for everything we received in there, thank these organizers.
Especially, we want to bring a major thank to Dr. BX Thanh - our kindly and dedicated teacher, who give us a chance to experience such an unforgettable trip

***Some pictures were taken in the trip from three students (Trang, My, Thuan):


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