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Joint Applied Research with KYOWAKIDEN INDUSTRY Co,LTD (6/11)




GEN system for treating highly concentrated wastes - Joint Applied Research with 

In order to contribute to the treatment technology for highly concentrated waste in Vietnam, KYOWAKIDEN Co., Ltd of Japan has implemented the project in cooperation with BIOSEP Group, Faculty of Environment and Resources of Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology. The experiment system is located at the gymnasium complex, in the second campus of the University (Thu Duc District). This project will provide the opportunity to research, learn, and carry out experiments in the field of treating water and wastewater with high polluted concentration by using Take-GEN technology. This is an advanced device which dehydrates the wastewater by using heat and make it separate into solids and water, that helps reduce costs, reach high efficiency, maximize waste reuse from wastewater treatment and recover valuable active ingredients. This is an excellent Japanese waste recovery and reuse technology developed by Kyowakiden company. Through the joint applied research of this technology, not only for successful application of advanced technologies to contribute to reduce environmental pollution in Vietnam, but also a valuable opportunity for students of the Faculty of Environment and Resources to study, access to new technology, experience professional working environment with Japanese enterprises.


The poster shows the process of the system


Students take part in commissioning and study about Take-GEN model, take photo with experts from KYOWAKIDEN Company


Mr.Long and Mrs.Rieko - two specialists of KYOWAKIDEN company are explaining about the system for students


KYOWAKIDEN's take-GEN device is placed in the container at the gymnasium area, in the second campus of Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology


Two devices: cooling tower and steam boiler of the system are located outside the container. 


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