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The IFIBiop 2017
  The IFIBiop 2017 will soon be upon us! The following information has been provided to help you prepare for your presentation.


Preparing Your Presentation

Ø  Name your file with your presentation number and your name (e.g. FE-IL-01-Lee.ppt). The information of your presentation number could be found at the conference website.

Ø  Please bring your presentation on a memory stick (USB) although you can send it in advance to me at The presentation will need to be uploaded to a conference computer ONE day in advance of your session.

Ø  Presenters are cautioned against using images and content that the audience may find offensive.

Ø  Preparation rooms are available at the congress.




  • All presenters must register for the meeting. Registration is now open. Please review the website for early registration discounts and deadlines.
  • Registration includes attendance to the technical program, the Welcome Reception, lunches, the Closing Reception, and the exhibit hall.




At the Congress

  • Time slot for plenary presentation (PL), including time for questions and answers, is 30 minutes (25 for presentation, 5 for questions); time slot for invited talks (IL) is 20 minutes(15 for presentation, 5 for questions); time slot for short oral (SO) is 15 minutes(12 for presentation, 3 for questions).
  • Registration desk will be set up at the lobby of Wuxi Chuangguangxi Hotel.



On behalf of the IFIBiop 2017 program Committee, we want to express our sincere gratitude for your work to make the 2017 technical program the best it can be. We cannot do it without you.


If you have questions, please contact us at
Download here: images/pic/7th IFIBiop Program Outline 20170504.pdf


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