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About Green Future Fund
The Green Future Fund

The Green Future Fund

Dreaming of studying in university, following their dreams seems to be simple, however many Vietnamese studious students still face numerous obstacles and difficulties on their path to a better future.


Dreaming of studying in university, following the future career seems to be simple, however, because of harsh living condition, and circumstance of each family, many Vietnamese studious students still face numerous difficulties while studying in university.


With the desires support the students on the study path at university, every challenge of school life; "The Green Future" Scholarship was established in 2015 by the hearts of Dr. Bui Xuan Thanh.

The long-term objectives of The Green Future Scholarship are to find, select and award scholarships to studious students who have a difficult living situation; and help them being confident to make studying dream come true.

The “Tuong Lai Xanh” (a.k.a Green Future)  Scholarship is awarded to a graduate of Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology or its collaborated Universities who is a student currently enrolled in the Environmental/Chemical/Biological program and who shows financial need.

The Green Future Fund honors a student, who have expressed their commitment to a greener future by studying hard and get a high score or achievement even the lack of economic conditions.


Contributions of Green Future Fund

The Foundation has helped many disadvantaged students in their efforts to study,  in the Environmental / Chemical / Biological Program of some of the Universities like the University of Technology, Ho Chi Minh City , Nong Lam University, etc. With the financial support of the fund, students can rest assured and concentrate on learning, thereby achieving higher academic achievement and keep good health in the work, and study.

In the past, when the money from the fund was not available, most of the students had to do part-time jobs while studying and this led to difficulties in studying and school life far from home for the students. However, thanks to the support from the Green Future fund, students can reduce the burden of tuition, so they can do more in study and concentrate on researching, most of them graduated good – excellent rank.

After graduated, students can easily get higher education because of their good academic achievement and knowledge from research in unversities. More than that, they can contribute their knowledge and experience to help junior students in studying, work, gain more experience from senior student and introduce them about Green Future Fund in case of they need financial support in their University life.

Here are the shares from the students who have received / received the scholarship, please check the appendix A: “Thank from some students who have received the previous scholarship from Green Future Fund”.

Contributions to the community

The main purpose of the Green Future Fund is to assist students in Vietnam who have major in Environmental/ Chemical/Biological, to undertake their research in the field of nature conservation, forestry, agriculture or the sciences of the Earth and the environment, serving conservation and sustainable development. Due to the fact that, many useful ideals, and researches came from these students contribute to dealing with the pollution (air, water, land) and the climate change. The Green Future Fund motivate students to contribute to the conservation of nature and biodiversity of Vietnam. Provide opportunities to develop human resources with full of knowledge, creation, and ability that are beneficial to the community.

Green Future Fund will always encourage students to continue helping other students in similar situation also after graduation. The students are also encourage to contribute and help their local community by using their knowledge and competence.


Organisation and application process

The Green Future Fund has an established organization consisting of student volunteers and a board of advisors with Dr. Thanh and sponsors of the scholarship program. The students contribute with their knowledge and motivation to organize the work process concering application process and distribution of funds to each individual students.

The management of the fund is organized as lean as possible to cut administrative costs. Our organization aim to keep administrative costs below 0,05% which enable us to distribute 99,95% of all donated funds are directly routed to the students. We have an efficient process and no funds are wasted in high administrative fees.

The funds are transferred to Dr. Thanh and our organization administrative secretary are distributing the funds to the students. We are completely 100% transparent and we have a complete record of all funds transfers, from sponsors to students. We will continuesly search for new ways to make our administrative process even more efficient, especially when our activities increases in the future.


Application and approval process

Our application process is easy to understand and the application process are kept at a reasonable level of complexity. We aim to have a good application process to identify the correct students that deserve our scholarship. Our application process should neither be to complex making it hard for the students to apply. The application process are continuesly under review after the end of each application period. We assess the application process by incorporating feedbacks from existing students and new students whom will receive the scholarship for the first time. Below is a short description of the application and approval process.¨

A.    Application process

§  Submission time: from ... to ...

§  Sending the Application, Personal statement, Proof  to prove that you have difficult living situation but always study hard to Dr. Bui Xuan Thanh - Associate Professor, Faculty of Environment & Natural Resources, HCMC University of Technology (HCMUT), Viet Nam ...

§  Result of scholarship granting will be announced on: ...


B.    Students who apply for scholarship must meet the following conditions:

§  Family circumstance:

-          Student's family is in the difficult condition. Family cannot care for student to continue studying in University (Family must has certification of poor household from local authority); or

-          Student is an orphan.

§  Student must achieve good result at the university: GPA > 7.0 / 10 (students must submit a certified university transcript).


C.    The Green Future Fund has the following duties:

§  To mobilize and receive legal sponsorship from local and foreign individuals and organizations in order to provide support in education and projects of the environment in line with the fund’s targets;

§  To manage and use the fund’s money efficiently for right purposes and people;

§  To ensure that 99,95% of the money donated is directly routed to the students, efficient process.

How can potential sponsors contribute

The scholarship fund has also received support from many domestic and international organizations and individuals. If you have the same purpose with us and would like to contribute to the scholarship fund, please contact us via the provided information below. We really appreciate your assistance.

Wishing to contribute to the society's education, and promote efficiency of this program, all Founders of the The Green Future Scholarship determines to build and develop the Fund stronger so that more poor studious students who are Vietnamese future generations will be helped.

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